Alcohol excessively also linked to back pain

Alcohol excessively also linked to back pain

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The back pain is one of the most common ailments in the current population which can significantly affect the excellence of life of sufferers, and while it may be caused by spinal problems, there are also external factors linked with their development as indicated by a original study indicates that excessive drinking is also linked to back pain. Although no causal relationship, if it is concluded in this study that evaluated data from more than 1 million people with low back pain that people who are needy on alcohol intake are 15% higher incidence of back pain than those who drink with moderation or not drink.


Similarly, it was learned that smokers, people with obesity and those suffering from despair also have higher prevalence of back pain, either because the disease increases the impact on the spine, because it reduces blood flow or because it enhances the feeling of pain in people with these conditions. It is the first time a study has linked excessive alcohol intake with the increased presence of back pain, which leads us to believe that to reduce the risk of back pain is key to have a healthy lifestyle.

The good news behind these findings is that, quit drinking alcohol, quit smoking, lose weight or undergo therapy to improve mental health could be a good therapeutic resource for back pain as well as the conditions themselves. Ie leave alleviate the ailment bad habits.

So in addition to specific factors of physiognomy of each is important to know that bad habits among which also includes excessive drinking , may be associated with back pain or low back pain is a common problem and of great influence on the quality of life of those affected.

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