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Man Health
Feeling stiff? Achy? Can’t move quite like you used to? You’ve likely got one – or more – tight muscles to blame. And while the reasons why any ...
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Healthy Diet
Debbie Zeger had the world at her fingertips: A recent college graduate in New York City, she was eager to try new restaurants with friends, grab drinks with ...
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Fitness & Wellness
Welcome to vacation season – that time when all of those months of healthy eating and exercising to get into swimsuit shape finally pay off. But it can ...
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Man Health
Whether you’ve recently engaged in a particularly intense workout or just a walk around the neighborhood, many people believe that muscle soreness after such activities is simply the ...
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Health News
It’s time to get your feet ready for summer – and I don’t mean by getting a pedicure. Rather, I mean by strengthening your feet – one of ...
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Healthy Diet
Ingredients YIELD 96 inch pancakes UNITS US 2cups flour 3tablespoons sugar 1⁄2teaspoon salt 1tablespoon baking powder 2eggs, beat them separately before adding to mixture 1⁄4cup butter, melted (1/8 ...
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Health News
Ingredients SERVINGS 8-10 UNITS US 12ounces tomatoes, very ripe and cored 1medium white onion 3medium jalapenos 2cups long grain white rice 1⁄3cup canola oil 4minced garlic cloves 2cups ...
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Healthy Diet
Ingredients SERVINGS 24 UNITS US 1cup butter 1 1⁄2cups sugar 2large eggs 2 3⁄4cups flour 2teaspoons cream of tartar 1teaspoon baking soda 1⁄4teaspoon salt 3tablespoons sugar 3teaspoons cinnamon ...
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Fitness & Wellness
Living with arthritis is no picnic. Depending on the type and severity, this disease can make everyday tasks such as tying shoes or even walking impossible. In fact, ...
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Healthy Diet
Lately I’ve been doing The New York Times crossword puzzle daily. OK, it’s not the regular one; it’s a mini version available through the publication’s app, but it’s ...
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