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When I finished my strenuous athletic career, I was injured and in pain. My normal workout regimen of high-intensity, high-impact exercise was no longer an option. My health ...
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Man Health
Exercising while traveling has always been a challenge, but it can be even more difficult nowadays if you’re one of the many people opting for house shares instead ...
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Health News
It’s time to pay more attention to liver cancer. Even as breast-cancer, lung-cancer and other cancer fatalities continue to drop, liver cancer is now the fastest-rising cause of ...
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Health News
Multiple sclerosis is a devastating disease that has no cure. So when something comes along that offers hope, it garners worldwide attention. That’s the case with stem cell ...
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Healthy Diet
The more obvious solution to preventing skin cancer is to protect yourself with sunblock when you’re out catching some rays. But a new study in mice suggests more ...
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Fitness & Wellness
Elderly married couples have been known to die within hours or days of each other. Doctors sometimes treat patients with heart attack-like symptoms who have come directly from ...
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Fitness & Wellness
Having your child get together with other kids their age is an important part of socializing. But for parents of a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, managing ...
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Fitness & Wellness
Summer is officially in full swing – and so are the parties, gatherings and weekend getaways. It’s a time to relax, be social and enjoy friends and family. ...
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Healthy Diet
Does the summer sun have you feeling extra thirsty? Me, too. When I’m thirsty, I want to choose something that’s refreshing and hydrating, but with so many different ...
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Health News
About 200 new cases of multiple sclerosis are diagnosed every week in the United States. If you’re one of them, it’s natural to feel confused or anxious about ...
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