Smart Ways You Never Realized You Could Use Salt For

Smart Ways You Never Realized You Could Use Salt For

Remove wine from the carpet

Could there be anything worse than spilling red wine on your brand new Persian rug? Not much. While there are those who might tell you to pour white wine over it, but that’s actually not the best idea as it will only dilute the color. Plus, your house will smell like a vineyard!

You should instead use the white wine trick, combined with salt. First, pour over the white wine and then wipe down the area with a damp sponge and cold water, generously sprinkle salt and wait around 15 minutes. Finally, vacuum up the area, and the stain should disappear.

Relieve the pain of stings and bites

Ouch! You’ve been stung, and whether it’s a bee or insect or even poison ivy it will hurt. Salt can help simply cover the area should be enough to reduce the swelling and ease some of the pain. The reason it’s helpful is that salt antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties


The same goes for poison ivy, but instead of using dry salt, soak the area in hot saltwater. These salty methods will help reduce any pain and inflammation. But obviously, if you’re allergic, then you should seek proper medical assistance.

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